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My favorit looks from Stockholm fashion week

I just got back from Stockholm and have selected my 4 favorit looks from the catwalk.
Altewai.Saome opened the fashionweek, because they won the Max Factor Awards 2012. It was such a fantastic collection, because it was more elegant and casual, then last season.  My favorit look was a three colored silk top combined with a pair of wool pants, that had metallic details and zippers by the ankles. V Avenue Shoe Repair was so cool and grungy, with a lot of details like mix of material and drapes. The bomberjacket with the oversized collar and hood, was gorgeous in a shiny quilted material. Filippa K had made a strong collection this season and the styling was excellent. The metallic skirt together with a orange knit top was such a cool and sexy combination. My favorite piece from the collection, was a pair of tuxedo pants, that I want to wear NOW!

See more pictures from Stockholm fashion week at

Ganni Spring 2012

One of my favorit looks is this from Ganni’s spring collection, i love the combination of a casual sweater together with a feminin flowerprintet skirt.

Ganni has this season produced a campaign video made by photographer Olivia Frølich and cinemaphotographer Frederik Säll. The whole collection is inspired by a character, Gary, in Truman Capote’s novel called “Summer Crossing”. It is a imaginary wardrobe for Gary – from her Upper West Side feminin look to  her Brooklyn adventures.  The video illustrates the soft, romantic and sexy mood this spring collection is all about.

To view video:

Stockholm fashion week

It have been so much fun in Stockholm, I will update you later with my favorit looks from the shows.. I meet Marie Hindkjær from

Blazer: Acne, Top: Stella McCartney, Jeans: H&M

New in…

It’s freezing outside, so I needed a casual jacket..and found it on sale! Perfect combination of denim and wool, that will keep me warm.

Jacket: Etoile Isabel Marant

Dry lips..

NO MORE dry lips! I used to be a big fan of this cream, because my lips are always dry in the winter! However my boyfriend didn’t like the scent, so I haven’t used it for several years..  Now the Eight Hour Cream is back on my lips in a new  fragance free version. It gives a glossy look and protection at the same time.. Now it’s time for bed, so I’m fresh for a long and exciting day tomorrow..see you soon!

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